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A powerfully
connected experience.

Sync your precedence and recency online with the power of Lawgic Pro. Allow your chamber to follow along with the Lawgic companion website. Access dedicated support and test the latest features. 

Lawgic Pro


Take Lawgic online with chamber, legislation, and message syncing.

Your Lawgic chamber,

available anywhere.

Website is designed so that representatives can view your custom chamber on any device. And with a 'download recency' function, switching POs has never been easier.

Three Benefits. One Upgrade.

1. Real-time transparency:

Representatives can track precedence and recency updates on their own devices.

2. Enhanced round communication:

The PO can send instant messages to all representatives in the chamber.

3. Download, share, repeat:

Representatives can download chamber information to their devices, facilitating seamless transitions between sessions.

Questions? Answers. 

What is Lawgic Pro?

Lawgic Pro is a paid upgrade to the Lawgic app. It allows users to create an online chamber, access online legislation, and send online messages. 

How do I upgrade?

Before upgrading, ensure that you have a Lawgic account. After that, you can either upgrade using the button below or going to 'account information' in the desktop app. When checking out you must use the email associated with your Lawgic account. This enables our servers to upgrade your account instantly. After checking out, please relaunch the app and sign in. 

Can you provide more information on the upgrade?

The upgrade is a one-time $9.99 payment. Lawgic uses Stripe to securely process your payment. The upgrade is valid through the life of Lawgic version 2. If you have any problems upgrading or your account is not reflecting 'pro' status, please contact Lawgic support.

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